wood is different - correct, but that is no excuse!

Why not look beyond one's nose into other industries – developing ideas into solutions with the help of technical know-how in the field of wood engineering?

By specializing in solid wood processing and, above all, wood window production and subsequently their coating, it is possible to develop trend-setting solutions.

Again and again, our goal is to realize high customer requirements with regard to product design, production performance and quality in an economical overall solution.

Not only good idea concept are required - the knowledge of technical feasibility and finally the implementation in the form of a tailor-made solution are the base for the successful future of wood processing companies. 

Working Process has established itself as a reliable and innovative company in the field of CNC machine construction for solid wood processing & wood window production. 

According to the principle "Technology Without Compromises", working process systems are created to meet the highest flexibility requirements of specialists as well as the performance requirements of industry!

With Vidali Finishing, we have a partner at our side who offers outstanding solutions for the coating of wooden windows and doors.

Oliver Rihl and his team can rely on years of experience in trade and industry in the fields of solid wood, the manufacturing of wooden windows and furniture production.

Together we succeed in developing technologically superior solutions that convince customers worldwide.