Good advice is …worth an investment!

Spending money is not yet an investment, investments mean more than just costs. This is true for hardware and software but also for „brainware“ like consultative service.

When it comes to major investments, decisions are difficult. Important manufacturing equipment often has a lifetime of 15 to 20 years. An entrepreneur possibly decides on an investment like this only once or twice within his business life. The same is true for investments in certain sectoral software.

This means that every time you take a decision like this, it is like the first time. In the meantime requirements have changed, technologies have developed, new methods of production have been established.

  • Do you have the necessary information?
  • Is it at all possible – on the basis of your own experience – to exactly define your future needs? How would somebody from outside see this?
  • What does the market offer? Which new prospects open up?
  • Are offers comparable?
  • Does an offer meet your needs or does the supplier just offer what he knows best?
  • Have performance specifications been agreed upon?
  • Is the supplier bound to contract specifications?
  • Are our parameters and specifications realistic and well-founded?


You are well advised if you decide to invest a small percentage of your planned capital expenditure in clearing these questions and in the elaboration of the necessary documents.


Let's do it together!